Baby Room

Baby Room

Our Baby Room can take children from 3 months of age up to 18 months of age. Every child's journey is individual to them; from feeding arrangements, nap times and comforters our highly qualified team have the experience and understanding to reassure our newest parents. Our Baby Room offers a 'homely environment' for your child to establish strong, early relationships and connections. 


Through active exploration within our stimulating learning areas, your child can develop their early motor skills and physically push themselves within our physical development space; inside and outside. 


Our Baby Room comes complete with a sleep and sensory room, providing very young children with this calm space supports their ability to adapt to life at our nursery.   Focusing on the sensory needs of a young child helps to establish and stimulate a child’s brain growth and connections; leveraging positive, age appropriate development. 

Room Leader


"Hello, my name is Victoria however, the children like to call me 'Toya'. I have worked with our youngest children and babies for over 3 years and I am now the baby room leader here at Cottontails. Did you know that a child's brain develops at its fastest rate, doubling in size within a child's first year of life? Supporting this cognitive growth through strong and positive relationships, sensory activities and physical challenges is why I enjoy working with our youngest children here at Cottontails."

Meet the rest of the team

 The childcare team are dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare & are expertly trained in all areas concerning child development & welfare.

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