Pre School

Within Pre-school at Cottontails we believe in employing qualified teachers to deliver the Early Years curriculum, ensuring every child is ready socially, emotionally, and academically for their school journey. 


Our Pre-school room is divided into learning spaces including reading and writing, mathematics, small world imagination, art and craft and imaginative role play! Within these spaces, children are encouraged to challenge themselves re-creating what they know and building on this to discover new learning!

Room Leader


(Pre-school Team Lead)

“Hi, I am Nat, Pre-School Room Leader at our village Nursery in Burtonwood. As Pre-school lead it is my role to ensure our children are ‘school ready’. Encouraging children’s independence and skills to ensure they have the very best start as they move onto school. Working with preschool aged children means that no day is ever the same!”

Meet the rest of the team

 The childcare team are dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare & are expertly trained in all areas concerning child development & welfare.

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