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Harriett Butterworth

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Pre-School Teacher


"I am a qualified teacher, specialising in early childhood development and have been teaching in the EYFS for nearly 10 years. I adore working within young children, shaping and enabling their development through fun and engaging activities within an exciting and nurturing environment."


Pre-School Team Lead


“Hi, I am Nat, Pre-School Room Leader at our village Nursery in Burtonwood. As Pre-school lead it is my role to ensure our children are ‘school ready’. Encouraging children’s independence and skills to ensure they have the very best start as they move onto school. Working with preschool aged children means that no day is ever the same!”


Little Learners Practitioner


“Hi, my name is Jenni. I have worked in childcare for over 15 years, working in nurseries and schools. As a practitioner I have a passion for supporting children with additional needs and specific educational needs and disabilities. Supporting these children in achieving their learning and development milestones is hugely rewarding, knowing that I have played a part and supported them to achieve.”


Little Learners Teacher


“My Name is Hilary.  I am a qualified teacher and I have worked at Cottontails for twenty years! Previously, I worked in the reception class at Burtonwood Primary School, where I taught many of the parents whose children now attend the nursery! I have therefore had lots of experience working with children in the Early Years sector and have many happy memories and good relationships with both children and parents over the years. My role within Little learners is to introduce the early academic skills children require to support their transition into school through playful activities, games and interests of each individual child.“


Baby Room Lead


"Hello, my name is Victoria however, the children like to call me 'Toya'. I have worked with our youngest children and babies for over 3 years and I am now the baby room leader here at Cottontails. Did you know that a child's brain develops at its fastest rate, doubling in size within a child's first year of life? Supporting this cognitive growth through strong and positive relationships, sensory activities and physical challenges is why I enjoy working with our youngest children here at Cottontails."


Toddler Room Lead


" Hello, my name is Carolyn. I am the room leader for Toddlers. I have worked within the Toddler Room for over 3 years. Working with young children, watching them grow and develop is hugely rewarding. Knowing that I have contributed to any child's journey and success drives my passion for working within early years."


Little Learners Room Lead


“Hi, I’m Sarah, Little Learners room Leader. I have been at Cottontails for over 4 years during this time I have worked across a wide variety of ages within our Nursery. I have recently completed my foundation degree to continue my professional development. 

Little Learners room is the crossing between Toddlers and Pre-school, supporting our children within the introduction of early maths and literacy skills in preparation for their move into Pre-school. Educating the children within our care requires my team to be adaptive and creative to stimulate interest and engage the children; a challenge my team enjoy!”

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